Our innovative approach gives you the tools you need to weed out weaknesses at the root and cultivate your company’s ability to execute.

So how does a company develop and maintain its ability to execute?

Structural, cultural and human factors play into the equation, as do the many complex ways in which these factors interact. Identifying, measuring, analyzing and assessing the strengths and weaknesses that affect a company’s ability to execute is never easy, but it can be done. A company and its locations, departments and teams’ ability to execute is measurable. And if it’s a quantifiable value, it can be managed and developed methodically. Improvement begins by eliminating obstacles that impede implementation. Controlling, monitoring and feedback systems can be put in place to ensure changes are entrenched.

All this helps to make teams, departments and entire companies more focused and effective. And a more productive, dynamic and flexible organization is a more competitive organization.

Swiss Management Factory provides the means to make your projects more efficient, knowledge more productive, and new solutions in Purchasing, Marketing, Sales, HR, IT, Controlling, Finance and Accounting more effective. We can help ensure best practices, new objectives, strategies, initiatives and the like are actualized, today and for many tomorrows to come. KPI-based monitoring and management enables you to track progress, see improvements and intervene at the earliest turn when adjustments are needed.

Our measures deliver on our performance promise by

  • Enhancing management and knowledge workers’ effectiveness and productivity, and their success in driving sales and managing innovations and knowledge
  • Making change management efforts more efficient, effective and enduring in small steps and on a large scale; that is, from CIP and Kaizen to reorganizations and post-merger integrations
  • Boosting efficiency and the long-term effect of coaching and training measures at all levels
  • Accelerating internal projects
  • Reducing overhead
  • Optimizing processes
  • Improving implementation in distributed sales structures comprising outlets, branch offices, agencies, dealer networks, etc.
  • ...


Getting even better with in-house pattern recognition

Capture, copy and capitalize on your best performers’ knowledge and recipes for success

Not everyone has the same talents, so it’s not possible for everyone to acquire the same abilities. But performance can be improved markedly given realistic goals and a reasonable implementation effort. When leaders succeed in maintaining focus on change initiatives, the reward is a sustainable improvement in the performance of organizations, teams and people.

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Have you ever paused to consider the revenue growth or productivity gains that can be achieved by reducing the performance gap between average and top performers, say, by 50%?